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Jan 7th, 2022

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HiBit System Information is one of the best options to keep all the information about your computer at both the software and hardware level accessible and organized at all times.

Using HiBit System Information is so simple that any user can make use of all its functions with no need of going through any tutorials ... when the program runs, all the info you might need is automatically displayed right before your eyes and all you have to do is browse around the interface in search of the data you need. The interface is divided into three sections: Summary, where you can view a very general overview of the features in your system; Hardware, where you can get info on the physical components of your computer; and finally Software, where you can see everything related to the 'mind' of your computer, from the versions of the drivers to a full list of all the installed programs.

Using HiBit System Information is completely secure as it doesn't share any data about your computer with third parties.
Reviewed by Carlos Borrás Translated by Sam

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System Info
Jan 7th, 2022

Older versions

2.2.25 Jan 3rd, 2021
2.0.15 Apr 1st, 2020
2.0.10 Feb 17th, 2020
1.5.20 Sep 28th, 2018
1.5.12 Sep 25th, 2018
1.0.66 Sep 24th, 2018

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